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A Crew’s Fair Share

Dec 2014 Volume 13 Edition 8 InTheBite Publication InTheBite Staff Report "It happens every season: at some point there will be a captain or crewmember who feels they did not receive a fair share of tournament prize money that’s won by the team." With that in mind, we set out to research the subject of a crew’s percentage. What’s fair? What’s too little, or too much? We conducted extensive … [Read More...]


Tournament Results

Captain of the Year

Cheers to Capt. Wink for winning the 2014 Contender Florida Division. Stay Warm!

TGIF Captains Cup

December 19, 2014 Its official but not surprising your 2014 Captain of the Year Cup Contender Florida Division winner is none other than … [Read More...]

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Teaser Reel Pulls

Capt. Kevin Deermam s/f Legacy Supplies Needed- Wooden balls, cord and snap swivels The weed has still been really bad here in the western … [Read More...]

Splash Reports

Running Shot

2014 Hatteras GT70

Splash Report: Hatteras GT70 by Capt. Dale Wills I recently had the pleasure of taking the all-new Hatteras GT70 out for a sea trial and will … [Read More...]

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