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A Crew’s Fair Share

Dec 2014 Volume 13 Edition 8 InTheBite Publication InTheBite Staff Report "It happens every season: at some point there will be a captain or crewmember who feels they did not receive a fair share of tournament prize money that’s won by the team." With that in mind, we set out to research the subject of a crew’s percentage. What’s fair? What’s too little, or too much? We conducted extensive … [Read More...]


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Teaser Reel Pulls

Capt. Kevin Deermam s/f Legacy Supplies Needed- Wooden balls, cord and snap swivels The weed has still been really bad here in the western … [Read More...]

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Running Shot

2014 Hatteras GT70

Splash Report: Hatteras GT70 by Capt. Dale Wills I recently had the pleasure of taking the all-new Hatteras GT70 out for a sea trial and will … [Read More...]

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Big Bones in Hawaii

  The excellent bonefishing on the island of Moloka’i may be one of Hawaii’s best kept secrets. Moloka'i, a hidden gem, is just north … [Read More...]

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