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2010 Captain of the Year on Track for Another Record Year

Captain Ronnie Fields and the Big Oh team are back at it again in 2014 to break their 2013 blue marlin release record of 330 fishing off Cape Verde. This year's team includes two new deckhands Nick Bovell and Tyler Princinski. The Big Oh team is off to a great start as this picture shows Nick hanging on to a nice … [Read More...]


A New Champion is Crowned

Sailsmen win Final Sail! Doing it All/Hardway wins the Jacket! April 12th concluded the last leg in the near 2 Million dollar Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series. In pursuit of the esteemed burgundy jacket, teams have been competing since December to claim the title of world’s best. With a total of 92 points, … [Read More...]

Seven Marine 557 Teak Outboard Closeup

Seven Marine Debuts Teak Finish on Outboards

Germantown, Wis. - Continuing on its path of inspired market-leading product design, Seven Marine has introduced the industry’s first Teak finish to the 557 hp outboard engines. To match the growing demand as larger boat owners seek more efficient and reliable horsepower, Seven Marine has lead the industry with … [Read More...]

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New All-Tackle Pacific Bluefin Tuna Record Pending

Kiwi angler Donna Pascoe may have set the new IGFA All-Tackle world record for Pacific bluefin tuna - a 411.6 kg (907 lb 6 oz) giant that exceeds the current IGFA record by nearly 60 kg (132 lb 2 oz)! Pascoe was fishing aboard the Gladiator with Capt. Scott Sutherland off Three Kings, New Zealand on February … [Read More...]

Top going on Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible

Largest Viking Yachts… Ever!

The Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible is moving down Line 1 on schedule for its mid-summer launch. Hull 92101 will be an enclosed bridge model, and late last week, the bridge was installed on the deckhouse. While the images provide a sense of this achievement, to truly appreciate the magnitude of this … [Read More...]

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2013 ITB Captain of the Year: Wink Doerzbacher

Raised in Montauk on Long Island, Capt. Wink Doerzbacher started fishing at the age of four and has never looked back. In a professional sportfishing career spanning over four decades, he's fished the waters around the world from Australia to Cabo San Lucas to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and most everywhere … [Read More...]

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Featured Tournament: Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic

The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic is hosted by Cypress Cove Marina, located in Venice, Louisiana. The tournament runs from May 27-June 1, 2014 and features a modified-release format for billfish, along with BIG prize money for Blue Marlin, Tag or Release, Dolphin, Tuna, and Wahoo; something for everybody. The … [Read More...]

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Don’t Be That Guy

The March 2014 issue introduced what will become a classic, "Don't Be That Guy." From the guest whose i-phone chart plotter knows more than the captain, to the guy who tells you how they do it "back home" and the guy who never met a circle hook he couldn't set, professional sportfishing crews see it all. This … [Read More...]

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On Deck: Big Fish Reproduction

Big Fish Reproduction By Elliott Stark In human terms, the size of the person has little bearing on how many kids she will have per pregnancy. In the world of fisheries reproduction, however, the size of the female makes all the difference. Bigger is better. The size of the female correlates directly with the … [Read More...]

resized Byte Me 10

In The Yard: Custom Transom Extension at American Custom Yachts

American Custom Yachts adds Custom Transom Extension to 72' Viking Byte Me American Custom Yachts (ACY) fabricated a custom foam core encapsulated transom extension that fits neatly below the swim platform of the 72' Viking Byte Me. Performed under the attentive eye of Captain Tim Bright, the extension is part … [Read More...]

An Atlantic bluefin tuna strikes. Credit: ©Gilbert Van Ryckevorsel/TAG A Giant

Crude Oil Causes Developmental Abnormalities in Large Marine Fish

Crude oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico causes severe defects in the developing hearts of bluefin and yellowfin tuna, according to a new study by a team of NOAA and academic scientists. Atlantic bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and other large predatory fish spawn in the northern Gulf … [Read More...]


First Ever Albino Marlin Released off Costa Rica?

Rare "White" Blue Marlin Released off Los Suenos Capt. Daniel Espinoza doesn't take many days off during the charter season but on March 12, 2014 he turned over the Spanish Fly to his backup captain, Juan Carlos Fallas. In the cockpit were mates Carlos Espinoza and Robert Salinas along with clients Bob and … [Read More...]

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Subscribe, Win a Fishing Trip with ITB Captain of the Year.

Have you ever wanted to fish with the 2014 Captain of the Year? Well, here is your chance. In appreciation for those who make the magazine possible, IntheBite introduces ITB Subscriber Fishing Experience.  The rules are simple... when you subscribe or renew your subscription your name is automatically included in … [Read More...]